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Paddle Trip Planning 

These sites will help paddlers to make informed and safe plans for your marine adventures.  

Note: Refresh the selected site page to ensure current conditions are reflected. 

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Howe Sound - Marine Forcast

This link provides the current on Howe Sound.

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Squamish 7 - Day Forecast

This link provides the current and 7 - day forecasted conditions for Squamish BC. 

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Pam Rocks - Current Conditions 

This link provides the current condition at Pam Rocks of Anvil Island on the Howe Sound. 


Squamish BC. Tides 

This link provides the predicted daily and 7-day tides times for Squamish, BC

Windy - Interactive weather forecasting services

This link provides a useful interactive weather forecasting tool. 

BC Marine Trails.png

BC Marine Trail Map 

This link provides location of campsites and informational sites  interest in the marine area of the Howe Sound. 

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