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Volunteer Opportunities

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President: Richard  Avedon-Savage

The board makes strategic decisions around the clubs execution in line with its constitution and bylaws.  Currently we have 5 members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Safety Officer.

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Chair: Tina Currie

Assists SPC in the planning, coordination and execution of upto 3 fundraising activities in support of the programming and activities of the club. In particular, the Committee will, on request or with the permission of the Board, run the annual Reel Paddling Film Festival.

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Chair: Steve Best

Assists SPC in running and maintaining
its current storage facility (and adjacent grounds), maintaining and expanding access to Howe Sound as a paddling location and recommending upgrades to facilities to assist in the execution of club programs.

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Chair: Jennifer Brown

Assists SPC in developing and running its kids, youth and family programming and making recommendations to the board of equipment requirements to run and grow the programs.

Board & Committees: Our Teams
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